viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

A4 mouse pad

Created by Kitmen Keung:
This 5 mm a4 paper sized mouse pad would be any gamers dream to own. With its slick minimalistic design it also contains a corrugated surface of 4.3 cm wide that acts as small object holster. The top surface of the mouse pad has an oven baked polyurethane finish with a micro grid texture on top. This reduces the friction between the mouse and the pad allowing for a sweeter slide.  The mouse bad is around 50 bones a pop, might as well get one to improve your headshot Cs source skills.

Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1100

A portable scanner is essential for any student, businessman, or librarian that needs to keep track of documents, recipes, homework’s, etc.

 What better way to back up something tangible by scanning it anywhere you are and making it intangible, safe in your computer’s hard drive.  This scanner contains a usb connection (other fujitsu scanners are already Bluetooth ready) so you have zero interference or lag while you scan. This will set you back around 194.99 bones, but its totally worth the investment. 

Portal Gun

The latest and innovative technological breakthrough by Aperture Laboratories is what we see here is the portal gun. As the name indicates it is able to create portal A and Portal B, what goes in A or B comes out of B or A. 

the portal can only be shot into flat surfaces and the walls must be covered or painted in a white compound paint. 

Physics is translated from one portal to another, saying fast thingy enters portal A so fast thingy comes out of portal B. welcome to tomorrow and enjoy your portal gun. 

domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

Paper Sk8boards

There 2 Mexican brothers, Mauricio and Sebastian Lara turned a mistake and made something awesome out of it. 

They were trying to create this book that commemorated a decade of their work but something went wrong in the printing processes so they got stuck with several thousand bogus copies. They started brainstorming on what to do with these books and decided to take all this books and use it as there building block. 

What they came up with was; use this books and create skate boards with them. The skateboards get the integrity from the paper mixing it up with resin and this is what the created. 

Mercedes new car

This Mercedes F-cell hydrogen electric drive car is “invisible to the environment” because it produces zero emissions. Instead of pollution from this cars tailpipe you get water. 

The way they decided to promote this new car was to make it invisible and drive it around town. How did they make it invisible? Well that is for you to find out and trip around with your theories. 

Chaise Triplette

What we have here is one of Paul Menand’s creations; he took the whole stacking up chairs idea and made it in his on creative way.

 How stacking seems to be done is taking the same chair and stacking them up one on top of the other, creating this vertical storage. He switched this and made it that one chair breaks up into three chairs. This chair is still a prototype and kind of rickety on wood, he’s planning on changing the material to a more resilient one.