miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

Because marble statues are to mainstream…

I’ve decided to switch my blog from Spanish to English, a more international language. So forgive me for the miss used grammar, etc. helps me practice my English.

 This light sculptures were created by a Japanese industrial design engineer, named Makoto Tojikil. By the manipulating and positioning LED lights he was able to represent various figures or sculptures.  He switch careers from designer to artist in 2003.

 “An object is seen when our eyes capture light that is reflected from the object. If we extract just the light that is reflected from ‘something,’ are we still in the presence of that ‘something?’ Using contours of light, I try to express this ‘something.’” We envision all sorts of opportunities for brands to use this type of sculpture at events, launches, stores, showrooms… - Tuija Seipell.

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